Completed research topics, examples:

Communication Resource Allocation in Wireless Networked Control Systems

Application-Aware Cross-Layer Framework for Wireless Multihop Network

Relay aided interference alignment in large interference limited networks

Cooperative Communication in Wireless OFDMA Multi-Hop Networks

Optimization and Learning Approaches for Energy Harvesting Wireless Communication Systems

Game Theory for Multi-hop Broadcast in Wireless Networks

Context-Aware Decision Making in Wireless Networks: Optimization and Machine Learning Approaches

A refined random gossiping in wireless sensor networks

Multi-User Networks with Outdated Channel State Information

Adaptive Cellular Layout in Self-Organizing Networks using Active Antenna Systems

Spectrally Efficient Beaconing for Aeronautical Applications

Multiple Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Relay-aided interference alignment for bi-directional communications in wireless networks

Receiver-based Protection against Time-varying Noise in xDSL Systems

Non-Regenerative Multi-Antenna Two-Way and Multi-Way Relaying

Inter-RAT Mobility Robustness Optimization in Self-Organizing Networks

Bundle Management in DSL systems for improving performance and stability

Multi-Antenna Multi-Group Multi-Way Relaying

Multiple-antenna two-hop relaying for bi-directional transmission in wireless communication systems

Adaptive beamforming and power allocation in multi-carrier multicast wireless networks

Suboptimal Resource Allocation for Multi-User MIMO-OFDMA Systems

Analysis of hybrid adaptive/non-adaptive multi-user OFDMA systems with imperfect channel knowledge

Capacity Optimization for Self-organizing Networks: Analysis and Algorithms

Distributed Resource Allocation in OFDMA-Based Relay Networks

Downlink Adaptive Resource Allocation for a Multi-user MIMO OFDM System with and without Fixed Relays

Low-complexity performance evaluation methodologies for OFDMA-based packet-switched wireless networks

Statistical Data Fusion for Hybrid Localization of Mobile Terminals

Pilot Assisted and Semiblind Channel Estimation for Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access and the Generalization for Block-Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access

Block-Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access and its Application in the Uplink of Future Mobile Radio Systems