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In winter term 2016/17, the Communications Engineering Lab (FG Kommunikationstechnik) offers the lecture

Simulation and Modelling Techniques and Tools for Mobile Communication Systems

Dr.-Ing. Peter Rost/Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Mäder

The following dates have been determined for the block courses:

The date of the info-session will be announced soon.

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Introduction to simulators, Basics

  • Probability theory
  • Statistics
  • General description of simulators (classification, models, components, management)

Mobile communication systems

  • Introduction to mobile networks
  • Structure of mobile networks
  • Important elements of radio access networks (PHY, MAC, RRC)
  • Core networks

Simulation of mobile networks

  • Link Level (Structure, Wireless channel, Coding, Multi-antenna, Receivers, Imperfectness)
  • System Level (Structure, Deployments, Channels, Multi-user, Multi-cell, Relays, Imperfectness)
  • Packet Level (Structure, Queues, QoS, Protocols, Abstractions, Imperfectness)

Languages and Tools

  • C++ libraries
  • NS-3


Communication Technology

Signal Processing