Multiple access and transmission

  • Multiple access schemes, e.g., multi carrier and single carrier schemes
  • Signal processing, e.g., joint transmission, channel estimation
  • Hybrid localization

Network and protocol aspects

  • Network planning and dimensioning
  • Relaying and multihop
  • Cooperative communication, application of network coding
  • Interference management, interference alignment
  • Resource management and protocols
  • Cross-layer design


  • Future mobile radio systems
  • Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, multiple antenna systems
  • Self-organizing radio networks, ad-hoc-networks, sensor networks

DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1053: MAKI – Multi-Mechanisms Adaptation for the Future Internet

Communications Engineering Lab is participating in the DFG CRC 1053 – MAKI

Graduate School Computational Enineering

Communications Engineering Lab is participating in the Graduate School Computational Engineering.

LOEWE Research Area Cocoon

Communications Engineering Lab is participating in the LOEWE Research Area Cocoon.

Current research topics, examples:

Multiple access schemes for two-way relaying using multiple antennas in multi-user scenarios

Relay Aided Interference Alignment in Multi-Pair Relay Networks

Multiple Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Multicast scheduling in wireless networks

Corridor-based Routing using opportunistic forwarding in Multi-hop OFDMA networks

Cross-Layer Optimization in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks

Optimization methods for radio network parameters in cellular networks

Advances in Dynamic Spectrum Management for DSL Systems

Bundle Management in DSL systems for improving performance and stability

Recently completed research topics, examples:

Multi-Antenna Multi-Group Multi-Way Relaying

Multiple-antenna two-hop relaying for bi-directional transmission in wireless communication systems

Adaptive beamforming and power allocation in multi-carrier multicast wireless networks

Suboptimal Resource Allocation for Multi-User MIMO-OFDMA Systems

Analysis of hybrid adaptive/non-adaptive multi-user OFDMA systems with imperfect channel knowledge

Capacity Optimization for Self-organizing Networks: Analysis and Algorithms

Distributed Resource Allocation in OFDMA-Based Relay Networks

Downlink Adaptive Resource Allocation for a Multi-user MIMO OFDM System with and without Fixed Relays

Low-complexity performance evaluation methodologies for OFDMA-based packet-switched wireless networks

Statistical Data Fusion for Hybrid Localization of Mobile Terminals

Pilot Assisted and Semiblind Channel Estimation for Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access and the Generalization for Block-Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access

Block-Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access and its Application in the Uplink of Future Mobile Radio Systems